Pipeline stress-analysis

Pipeline Stress Analysis Studies

Fluids transport pipelines fall within specific standards, such as ASME B31.4 for liquids, ASME B31.8 for gas, or other non-Americans standard (DNV , CSA Z622, etc.). If the line is onshore, the particularity is the interaction pipeline-ground and the displacement of above-ground portion. Road crossings, intersections with other pipelines or other accidentality will be carefully evaluated and studied. If the line is offshore, environmental loads and installation conditions need a very special and worthy study. All this our stress-analysis will studied, in accordance with the laws and rules of good practice, to have a reliable and always operable design.

Special items: manifolds, slug cathers, X-mass trees, slug catcher and other special items that are within the scope of the code are analysed to document the integrity of the item and the connected piping.