About us


provide consulting engineering services for the most advanced projects in piping, pipelines and in general pipe applications


bring together a network of specialized skills, geographically distant, to face issues more and more integrated and complex


provide computing services with the state-of-the-art knowledge
use widely delocalization via internet and cloud computing
pursue interdisciplinary continuing education
build and expand a network of consultants who share the mission


– Small engineering company that does not have the specific know-how
– Medium and large engineering companies, which for various reasons, wish to outsource

We specialize in reducing overloaded engineering departments and in solving problems that frequently are considered more complex than in-house staff members are prepared to handle, for whatever reason

The reference sector is the oil and gas, but generalizing: wherever there are issues of dimensional changes (thermal or not) inherent pipes: Energy, food production, chemical and pharmaceutical


Ing. Gianludovico Spizuoco